ANZ Coders May 25 - 29, 2015
The week long, free developer conference you can attend in your pyjamas!
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May 25th - 29th, 3 sessions a night!

Western Australia: 6pm - 8pm

Eastern Australia: 8pm - 10pm

New Zealand: 10pm - 12am

Everywhere else: Find out

ANZ Coders is an interactive, online, virtual conference, running for two hours each night, for a whole week. Being virtual means you won't need to ask the boss for time off work; you won't need to pay a conference fee; and you can even show up in your pyjamas, pants optional. We won't tell anyone!

Attending is easy! Just click to Register. That's it! You won't be asked to install any third party software or browser plug-ins. It's just you, a browser, a cool drink, a comfy seat, and us. Sweet!

Each night will feature three 30-minute sessions, with a 15-minute break between them. That'll give you time between sessions to collect your thoughts, check the tweets, take a bio-break, refill your drink, put the kids to bed, take the bins out, and whatever else you need to do.

Each session will have a live chat room and a Q&A area. You'll be able to shoot the breeze with other attendees, ask the presenter questions as they go, or just do some friendly heckling just like an in-person conference. How great is that‽


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Speakers & Sessions

Monday May 25

5 good reasons to move to F#

Jorge Fioranelli

08:00 PM

Hot Dates

David Gardiner

08:45 PM

Microservice design patterns for line of business applications

Colin Scott

09:30 PM

Tuesday May 26

Yeoman, Grunt, Gulp, Bower, Node – Client side for the new ASP.Net stack

Aaron Powell

08:00 PM

Azure Event Hubs

Mitch Denny

08:45 PM

ReactiveUI - It’s Pretty Neat

Brendan Forster

09:30 PM

Wednesday May 27

C# is the Future

Filip Ekberg

08:00 PM

Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning 101

Poya Manouchehri

08:45 PM

The Secret of Transactions and Async/Await

Daniel Marbach

09:30 PM

Thursday May 28

10 unusual tips & tricks for .NET

David Gardiner

08:00 PM

Sitefinity CMS

Bishoy Hanna

08:45 PM

Working Distributed - How Does It Even Work?

Brendan Forster

09:30 PM

Friday May 29

IoC in ASP.NET 5

Emad Alashi

08:00 PM

React, another JavaScript UI framework?

Aaron Powell

08:45 PM

Applying useful testing patterns using TestStack.Dossier

Rob Moore

09:30 PM


Where is it?

It's virtual. It's online. It's wherever you are at the time. No need to worry about transport or parking for this conference.

What's the cost?

It's free! Zero. Nada. Nothing. Squat.
Why? Because we love you. Awww. #hugs

Will dinner be provided?

No, but feel free to buy yourself a pizza and drop bits all over the floor at home if you want that full conference experience.

When is registration open?

Now! Go register!

How does voting work?

All the abstracts are up on UserVoice. The community (that's you!) will have a week to vote on the topics they most want to see. The top community voted submissions will then be asked to present, and we'll work out the schedule after that.

I want to speak!

Wonderful! Sad to say, session proposals are now closed. If only you'd been a little more organised or heard about us earlier. #sigh

I want to help!

Great! Get in touch with us at
P.S. If you've got some graphical skills and want to spruce the site up, we'd love it. You can even submit a pull request. It's all open source

I want to sponsor ANZ Coders

We'd love you to. We do have some costs to cover so hit us up at and we can talk about options.

Is there a hashtag?

Of course there is. Use #anzcoders

Will recordings be available?

Absoutely. We'll have all the links for you right here, once the conference is done.

Do I have to behave?

Yes, you do. Be nice, OK? That means no spamming, harassment, discrimination, racism or abuse. This includes speakers.